Sorghum grain (Mabele) - Sorghum is a whole grain grown locally and considered one of Botswana's staple food. It has four by- products namely; sorghum grain, sorghum meal, sorghum bran meal and sorghum rice. Sorghum grain is mainly sold in bulk to milling companies for production of by- products/ value added products.




Maize is divided into white and yellow Maize.

White Maize
White maize is mainly sold to maize millers and individual consumers. It is by far the most popular source of carbohydrate in Botswana. White maize demand exceeds 100, 000 mt per year as compared to the local production which on average is lower than 10, 000MT per year. It can be grown successfully in the Barolong Farms, Ngwaketse South areas and Chobe Enclave and Pandamatenga.
Yellow Maize

Yellow Maize is sold to individual for consumption but mostly a s poultry feed. The demand for this product is high and currently exceeds supply. It is mostly grown in the Chobe Enclave, Pandamatenga, Barolong Farms and Southern Ngwaketse areas.


A locally grown whole, gluten free grain and very high in antioxidants and magnesium (a mineral that helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function). Recent researches have also revealed that millet has health benefits such as the ability to control diabetes and inflammation. 




BAMB buys pulses and beans from local farmers. The most prominent pulses BAMB trades in are Tswana Cowpeas and Black-eye Cowpeas. Sugar beans and Red Kidney beans are sometimes imported to supplement local production when local supply is below local market demand. Pulses and beans are sold to government for school feeding and Districts food relief programmes. BAMB buys variety of beans from local farmers and imports only when local supply cannot meet the local demand.

Tswana Cowpeas

Tswana Cowpeas are drought tolerant and can be grown successfully in all parts of the country. Due to high demand for this grain, local supply is always low than demand. The Government is the main procuring entities through local Districts for School Feeding Programmes and Food Relief Services

Black-eyed Cowpeas

BAMB keenly promotes production of black eyed cowpeas due to its high demand and popularity nationwide. Naturally tasty and rich in protein. Successfully grown by all farmers countrywide.

Sugar Beans

They’re grown fairly well in the Northern part of the country i.e. Pandamatenga, Chobe Enclave in and around the Okavango Delta. 

Red Kidney Beans

They’re grown successfully in the Northern part of the Country i.e. Pandamatenga, Chobe Enclave ( in and around the Okavango Delta).

China Peas

Supplied by local farmers who are mainly based in Pandamatenga farms



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